joyce (joyce) wrote,

Farmer's market run:

me: potatoes, eggs, sausage, stew beef, chicken drumsticks, lettuce
Val: jumbo shrimp (omnomnomnom), corn, onions for onion rings

could have this week:
- shrimp cooked in butter & garlic (and chicken or something for Jeff) (Sunday)
- salad (must. have. salad.) (Saturday)
- something chickeny in the crockpot [this ended up becoming poached chicken drum sticks, which got turned into white sauce chicken pizza, and chicken soup. Noms].
- pork chops (never happened)
- chickpea patties (never happened)
- pasta of some variety (I haven't made fresh pasta in awhile. Hrms. Ohh, we haven't done lasagna in awhile.) (never happened)
- pork shanks in bbq sauce in the crock pot, cheesey biscuits (never got to this last week, would be good this week) [braised in the oven instead of crockpot; did the biscuits Saturday; had the pork Monday)
- steak & potatoes (ditto; though, if we don't get there, the steak will keep in the freezer until we do) (never happened)
- got sick mid-week, so Jeff made breakfast for dinner Wednesday night

also need to make this weekend:
- yogurt
- sausage balls
- turn the two small pieces of pork tenderloin in the freezer into terriyaki for rice bowls for lunches
Tags: cooking:menu_planning

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