October 27th, 2002

mostly for Chris...

joyce and Ginger's version of the seven steps of brainwashing, by Mr. Robert Jay Litton:

1. damn. locked in a dark room somewhere.
2. "yousuckyousuckyousuck"
3. "hrm... maybe i do suck."
4. "damn. yes, i do suck. a lot."
5. "there, there. you don't suck so bad."
6. "and you will help me not suck?"
7. "verily, i suck, and you will help me fix that."
8. "i am now a non-sucky person in the Group of Non-Suckiness"

here's to hoping that my next class grades on essays, not multiple choice tests.

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semi useful things found whilst rummaging for hat: two favorite pairs of sock, mittens, and my handcuffs.

not found: my hat. herf.

i should get packed up and get going, because missing my bus would suck. :)
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