October 16th, 2002

adventures in sleeping

11:15 - you're not sleepy. you should try anyhow.
11:30 - finally crawl into bed.
11:31 - remember something you wanted to check on LJ. get back up.
11:35 - back into bed
sometime thereafter - drift off into sleep, finally
2:20ish - wake up from nightmares involving lots of images of the demon from Storm of the Century floating around in your head, firmly convinced that the clock says 2:22 and that this is the new mark of the Beast
2:20-sometime - cower, in bed, trying to get back to sleep, and jumping at every noise. finally drift off.
3:00 - phone rings, waking you up, scaring the hell out of you, and bringing to mind every movie where the phone has been used as an instrument of doom. get thoroughly freaked out. look at phone; it doesn't pop up anyone known on the caller ID. ignore it. they don't leave voicemail. lay back down. hear loud thumping noise outside room. get more freaked out, if that's possible. go turn on lights and leave door open so cats can get in and come cuddle. cower, very freaked out. jump every time the cats look at the open door at the same time and at every noise. finally drift off.
4:15 - phone rings, same unknown number. rinse, repeat.
5:00 - chase cat off desk
6:00 - chase cat off chest of drawers
6:20 - alarm goes off
6:30 - alarm goes off
6:40 - alarm goes off, finally get up.

it's going to be a damn long day.
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and this morning's bit of braindeadedness was fully submerging a crock pot that clearly states on the bottom not to do so. go, me. so it's sitting on paper towels at home now, drying out, and (should) still work.
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    still Godsmack. might switch to Disturbed here soon...