September 26th, 2002

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mood improved. thankyou.

it got to be after 12 again mighty quick.

i wish i didn't have to sleep.
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when the alarm went off this morning, i jumped three feet, and the first thought of the day was "and that was the height of the gypsy culture!"

$diety only knows what i was dreaming about.

it's thursday. and after thursday, comes friday, which makes for a happy joyce. :)
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inquiring minds...

someone who's waxed, how long does it generally last? any other good options for massive hair removal, except for Nair? (been there, done that, squick.)

(i'm happy with shaving, but someone else is curious.)
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i just witnessed a Post Office mail girl in knee highs and a postal service mini-skirt who completely did not comprehend English.

Ginger: "that mail in the tray is outgoing too."
Postal Chicka: "yes, yes. *big smile* have nice day!"
Ginger: "nooooo... that mail needs to go out too. the yellow flyers."
Postal Chicka: "yes, yes. *big smile*"

i don't know whether to be amused or frightened. probably both.
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