September 20th, 2002

things that rock

- coworkers who make coffee
- Ginger. :)
- Friday
- coffee
- cute crisis supervisors saying hi
- warm fuzzies
- headphones
- coffee

oh, and Ginger and I have decided that we need an office pool boy. :)
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whoever laid out the QFC by the Seattle Center was on crack. but then again, so was our cashier (who started in on a long conversation that she seemed to be having with herself about freezing hamburgers buns and weird apartments.) only it wasn't even that coherent. think joyce at 6 am after four hours of sleep and two weeks of sleep dep coherent... :)

someone just faxed in a Where to Turn order and faxed us an enlarged copy of their credit card. granted, it's better than someone not sending in enough information, and they did manage to add up the order form correctly and such, but it's still pretty funny. :)

or maybe by Friday afternoon we're just easily amused.
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oh, and in the "these people are taking care of our children" hall of fame:

Youth of the Year is awarded each quarter.

of course, they had their zip code wrong, too.

head. wall. beat.