September 16th, 2002

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verily, this morning, i am bleary girl, for it took awhile to get to sleep last night. this is what i get for staying up until three in the morning saturday... somehow, i think i'll live. :]

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wheee. back to my coffee and muffin.

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heh. i missed when i should have eaten by about half an hour or so. i realized that i was mentally snarking at someone cool connected to someone that mentally i'm mildly annoyed with, and said "whoops, time to eat." but it had to nuke for awhile, so...

ow. this hurts. even with some booster beef jerky whilst lunch was nuking.

i've been doing a lot better lately, though, with eating better breakfasts and keeping a mental tab on how i'm doing.
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the chicken fried rice of doom is even better with a bit of peanut sauce on it.
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woman of accomplishment

dinner cooked, eaten, and cleaned up. resume and cover letter sent off to youthcare. nails clipped, so i can bloody well type again. laundry running. hair is being reblued. plane tix procured for the wedding.

just need to put away laundry, change sheets, wash out hair. meow. :)
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