September 10th, 2002

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i give. can't sleep. i'll just have to try to pass out early tonight.

the Cough of Doom seems to be mostly gone, though.

so i was talking to my mom this morning, and i mentioned one of my roommates's mildly insane class schedule. :) [*ducks*] [this started from me telling my mother that i found the row of BCC postcards on the bulletin board amusing, and about moving the DND game.] my mom says "oh, you mean she doesn't have a degree?" "no, mom... most of my friends up here these days don't. in fact, i can think of two in Seattle that do." [though i'm sure there are more, i just couldn't think right then.] "oh."

i don't think my mom realizes that both my roommates are a couple years younger than me, and still very much in a legitimate age range for college, take I. still... i think she expects people to have degrees. i'm starting to get to the point that i don't. or rather, i don't really expect either way.

however, curiousity killed the cat, and all that, so we present one very long poll...

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so, yea, i left off "no"s on some questions. sorry. just skip 'em if they don't apply, eh? :)

*someone* (ahem, looks east) is picking on me a lot tonight. moooom... ;)

i'se tired. bed soon. work tommorow.
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