September 8th, 2002

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heh. this is me, being amused.

thanks to Devin, who is my new hero for the next bit, Mogwai runs Age of Empires happily again. aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie. :)

it was a long damn night at the House. having to be up and ready to deal with anything (and tonight, there was LOTS of "anything" to deal with) for six hours is ... draining. at the least. so i'm going to go slaughter some electronic units. :)
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for some reason, Baine has a fascination with taking pushpins out of walls... he's spent most of this morning climbing up on my desk, putting his mouth around one of the pushpins, and trying to pull it out. by which point, of course, i've hopped up and am throwing him on the bed, again.

cats are weird. :)
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how to be a spaz..

part one was yesterday. i wrote down Devin and Katherine's number and left it at home. once there, i spaced on both their last names. so i'm staring blindly (and sleepily) at the list on the buzzer thingie, when someone comes out. great, says i. so i walk in. mr. security guard says "do you live here?"

upshot was, i got escorted to their apartment by the security guy. :)

part two was today. today was the crisis clinic annual picnic, at woodlawn park. easy enough, says i. i check the bus schedules and head out.

i get to the stop for the 554, and the time listed doesn't match what was on the tripplanner. but it's only a couple minutes off, so... whatever. read my book, wait for the bus.

get downtown. check the schedule for the 5, and realize that somehow i managed to look up schedules for a weekday instead of a weekend. how, when it fills in the date for you, i don't know. so, i stood around for almost half an hour, waiting for the next five. by this point, it had started raining, and was getting really cold...

the 5 pulls up. take it up to the zoo, get off... tromp over to where the park should be. at this point, i realize that while the zoo is on the side of Aurora that i'm on, the park is on the other side. i'd thought it was going to be on my side of the road.

[insert much loud cursing here] (for those who don't live here, Aurora Avenue is, at that point, a 6 lane highway which no one in their right mind would cross on foot in the middle of Sunday afternoon traffic.) i noticed that there was a pedestrian bridge. tromp down Aurora. no stairs; 6 foot fence. the bridge appears to start in the zoo. stop a passerby. he's not from here and doesn't know if / where there are stairs. curse more. walk back up the fence. the bridge does, in fact, appear to start in the zoo behind another fence (8 foot, barbed wire.) uh, no.

tromp down Aurora, in the cold and rain, in the other direction. reflect that there has to be a way to get under or over, since cars can't exactly cross Aurora either. at this point, look down, and notice that there's a road going under me and the road.

so i got over the damned road. then i tromped around the park for a bit to find the picnic shelter.

the picnic ended up being ok, though there weren't many people because of the rain. i just felt really silly, especially after being told that you could cut between fence one and fence two after all, and find stairs for the pedestrian bridge.

one of the volunteers gave me a ride home. :)

now, i want some tea. then i either want to watch a movie or play AOE or bust a move, i haven't decided which yet...
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