September 3rd, 2002

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[insert standard i hate morning i love coffee ouch here]

i get to play receptionist today, as Ginger and Laura are both out. it's going to be a boring day, since i don't know how to do most of the stuff that Ginger does. i need to get the IT dudsie to install maintenance on her computer when he gets in...

i miss my partner in crime, but i expect she's having a good time in Michigan. :)

(by the way, dearie, the cats seem to miss you too.)

i don't think i'm going to do anything more exciting tonight than go home and fall over. play some bust a move, go to sleep early...
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dear self:

when one is using a food product that is from a Land that Is Not Yours, and the first ingredient listed on the label is "red chilis", kindly remember that you are a wimpy american with no spice tolerance and that following the suggestion on the label which states "for a milder curry, use half the amount of paste" would be a very good idea.



dinner was good. however, i'm going to need to get another can of coconut milk to water down the leftovers.
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