September 1st, 2002

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Mogwai is a much happier box now. woot.

Misty has been summarily rescued from Seatac and safely installed on the futon of doom. yay. :) thanks again to Ari...

i'm a tired joyce. sleep, real soon now...
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finally did the underground tour - very, very spiffy. very. :)
lunch at the crab pot. not cheap, but oooh, very good. :)
wandered around downtown and the market and such.
went to go oogle the space needle. forgot about bumbershoot until we got there. whoops.
took the monorail back. went to the gelato place. closed. back to westlake and frozen yogurt, then bus home.
Misty thinks Seattle is spiffy. :)
going to go veg out in front of movies and eventually fix some dinner.
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misty: "conair is like, the ultimate guy movie."

joyce: "yea, i love it."


joyce: "i think we just said something, here."
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