August 31st, 2002

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drag ball was fun, though, at least when i left, it'd proved to be more show than dance. of course, when you open the doors half an hour late...

was fun. the place looked awesome. there were people i didn't recognize after they got into drag. got pulled off reception and put into the kitchen, instead, so i wouldn't have to deal with sorting out who was 86ed, which was fine with me.

happy joyce. dead fucking tired dance. there will be sleep soon, oh yes.
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sewing and books and such straightened up. dishwasher emptied. my dishes taken care of. downstairs bathroom partly cleaned. massive amounts of laundry started. trash taken out. trash emptied out of my room and the downstairs bathroom. room (mostly) straightened up. Mogwai dusted.

it's amazing what having houseguests will do...

still need to vacuum, do the our bathroom, finish more laundry, finish straightening my room. gotta finish lunch first, though.
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dear mom:

yes, this your daughter, voluntarily folding her laundry. kind of nifty, isn't it?


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