August 19th, 2002

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i have a roll and hot chocolate for breakfast. :)

public service announcement to those that i live with...

point one: there won't be a houseguest this week after all, as she is going to sleep at Anjela's because of the cats. however, i think we're still cooking at our house, so expect masses of people Wednesday. not sure about Tuesday yet. i mean, there will be cooking Tuesday, but i'm not sure how many folks are going to be around.

point two: bills. go look at groundzero. if you can't pay them until your next check, cool, but please lemme know, as they're all paid now. thankee.

point three: i'm going grocery shopping tonight. if there are any requests, please let me know before 4:30. thankee again.
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stealing something from Heather, since it's interesting to see the answers...

what would you do if you had a million dollars?

the current leaders seem to be paying off debt, school, and investing. not too surprising, all things considered.
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"no 15 year old has any business having sex with anyone, not even.... mother theresa!" "mother tere

sa is dead. she's not having sex with anyone!"

so there is a limit on the length of a subject. heh. :)

groceries obtained (except for basil, mint, and one gallon of milk. the herbs because of lack of supply, and the milk because the fridge is stuffed full. oh, yea, no cheesecloth at safeway either.) tacos and pudding pie were eaten, and bust a move played, and much contendedness distributed. Ari is a god for driving us around.

sleeeepy joyce. going to go finish the kitchen, take out the recycleables, and fall the hell over.
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