August 17th, 2002

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there was a very roundabout adventure with Carl and Ginger that involved trying to find the Coco's in Bellevue and ending up at the Kirkland Pancake house. don't ask. however, there were the coconut pancakes of doom... :)

they're off at Greenlake now. the rest of the crew is at the Ren Faire. i have the house to myself. woot. :)
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rules of life

yay verily, do not put a bag of costco bagels on the top shelf of the pantry, and not tell anyone (especially ye roommate, who is all of five foot and three, and who requires a stepstool for goodly portions of the kitchen) where they are, unless ye intend to remember to eat them, for verily, they will turn into a third grade science fair project, and require a proper burial.
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i get home from volunteering and have random hugs from someone on AIM. very cool, and very much needed and appreciated, but i have NO idea who the screen name belongs to... someone want to come up and confess?

tonight was good. i got to talk to one of my favorite kids, that i hadn't seen in awhile, for like, two hours. about biphobia and transphobia and surgery and kids and relationships and raising kids in non-traditional relationships and jobs with youth and ... lots of stuff. very cool.

no game next weekend. no volunteering. i have a free friday night and saturday night in the same weekend. odd.

i'm tired. bed soon.
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