August 16th, 2002

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heh. i fell over at 8:30 last night. go go gadget sleep, or something.

Ginger, sweetness, we should trim Baine's claws tonight.
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things that are mildly Not Fun (tm)

running downhill in downtown in flip flops and a sarong that's showing way more leg than you want it to because you came out the wrong tunnel entrance and you're afraid you're going to miss your bus.


i made it, though. :)
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break in gaming. i'm having fun gaming for the first time in awhile. i'm not comatose, either. this is a good sign.

the major NPC just killed a character that i had successfully turned from stone into a person by the skin of my ass. i was pissed. a lot. i still am, for that matter. otherwise, it's been a (mostly) hack and slash night. i actually did damage to an enemey with one of my weapons without doing damage to a party member. and i got to set something on fire. this is a better night than most.
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