August 13th, 2002


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the bus driver this morning was on crack. (she backed down Aurora, which is not so healthy, to let someone into their driveway. and organized her purse on the bus floor at stop lights.) some of my customers this morning are on crack, too. but i have coffee, a lemon muffin, and Godsmack for breakfast, and it's mondaytuesday. and stuff. :)
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random entry

the skirt i made yesterday is pink and flowery, because that is what happened to be on sale for like, a dollar a yard two week's ago at Joanne's. i wanted to buy cheap stuff first, in case i managed to do something to it.

it's cute, and i feel very girly, but this is more pink than i think i've ever worn voluntarily.
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dear sinuses:

in case you hadn't noticed, this body is a dictatorship, and your apparent feelings to the contrary, breathing is, in fact, not optional. kindly start cooperating or i'll be forced to... something.