August 11th, 2002

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heh. i did pass out again, for a good long time. yay, naps. when i woke up, everyone was gone, which seems to be a theme for this weekend. :)

got a shower. Drew called; he's headed back this way, so we're going to go find foodstuffs of some variety when he gets here. which means that i have time to... guess what? go back to sleep for awhile until he gets here.

ye gods, but i'm tired of sleeping. but it's about all i can do when i'm sick.

if i'm still feeling like this tommorow, i'm calling in temporarily dead.

yea, i know, you guys are probably tired of hearing about it. i'm a rotten sick person; i revert to about age 6. which, granted, isn't much under the normal 10 or so, but... ;)

i love Gingers, for they bring me home teeny tiny cute teddy bears, and listen to me screech about people being silly, and giggle at me as i talk about putting together 2 and 2 and getting 27.

rightright. clothing suitable for going out in public and napping.
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