August 9th, 2002

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things i'm happy about this morning...

- it's friday
- it's the day of Vin Diesel hotness
- coffee
- good music on the radio
- i had a chocolate chip muffin for breakfast, thanks to my wonderful roommates
- did i mention that it's friday?
- i hit 35 hours for the week at 1:30 this afternoon, and thus, i get to leave early
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i've been posting a lot lately. boredom, brain in overdrive, something...

i have chili for lunch. woot. :) i need to do a couple more updates and clean my cube before it gets condemned... then i get to go wander around downtown for awhile and then wander northward and then wander over to crossroads and eat red robin and drool over Vin Diesel and pretty cars.

that, boys and girls, is a good day. :)

tommorow night at the house is Girls Night. this month is "Learning Drag" night, in prep for the drag ball at the end of the month. which reminds me, i should decide if i want to volunteer at that...

*bouncebounce stares at clock*
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i *heart* Cost Plus. i have cranberry hard cider (which is some of the most heavenly stuff in the free world) and ... tea for thai iced crack. hehehehe. :)
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um... if someone just text messaged me, a message more eloquent than "please call" is helpful, since it's not giving me any indication of who it's from. if not, i'm going to chalk it up to a wrong number. either way, i'm going to go clean the kitchen.