August 3rd, 2002

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okay gaming night. the halfling developed into grumpy, bitchy, and tired, after a bit, and got told that mayhaps she might want to consider sleep. she decided that this was a good idea. she paused to empty out her inbox first, and thought that she had stemmed the tide, but it would seem as though mayhaps she thought too soon...

okay day. good lunch. slow work. crossroads after work, where i got embrodiery floss for my hair. it would seem that i might have left my checkcard at the starbucks downtown, which pisses me off, because i've never left my card anywhere, save the time that i left my whole wallet at Group Health. need to call them in the morning... take one at threading my hair, which failed, because i haven't done it in a long time. take II tommorow. chicken and dumplings for dinner. ye old standard friday night... and stuff.
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