July 30th, 2002

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i've been a grumpy, bitchy girl lately. in retaliation...

things i'm grateful for:

- my wonderful roommates
- cuddles
- good friends that listen to me bitch so much :)
- my job; that i have one that pays decently, that allows me to work in my own fashion because i get things done, that's providing me with the chance to learn, that's flexible, where i can roll in at 11:30 on monday morning and no one cares, and where the receptionist can wear camies and a tank top and no one blinks
- that it's finally not so freaking hot here
- that i have a sound card in my computer at work, so i can listen to net.radio
- a really awesome library system, to feed my book and media addiction
- smiles
- LJ
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leaving work, ,going to the library, dropping off stuff, going to group health, getting drugs, going home, picking up stuff, going to the other library, getting stuff, going home, watching movie and cuddling with the cats. woot.
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ye gods, training day was a fucked up movie. and not at all what the trailer made it look like. still a good movie, but... *twitch*

[actually, i went and re-watched the trailer, and it wasn't as far off as i remembered. but it was still a whacked movie.]
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