July 13th, 2002

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i got unholy amounts of sleep, again. i ended up passing out through the entire game (sorry, Adam) and falling back asleep very shortly after i got sent to bed. at this rate, i'll have made up for weeks of insomnia in a few days...
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i took a wrong turn at a waterfall...

... or, if you think you've run out of trail, you probably have.

i'm lying in bed this morning reading, when i realize "it's gorgeous outside. i could go for a walk. i should go for a walk." so, i got up and dressed and got my sneakers on and jogged and walked down the road, intending to go up to where i went jogging to last Monday and then go see what was beyond that, since i had time... well, a little ways beyond it was a trailhead. since i was nature girl, once upon a life, and since sidewalks and truck exhaust gets annoying after awhile, i veered off into it, thinking i'd wander through the woods for a bit and then come back out.

well, the sign promised me a waterfall after a mile or so, so i climbed along, eventually finding said waterfall... more like a fall in training. but it was still pretty. the trail looked like it continued straight up the hill, and i could see where other people had climbed up, so i did so. i got to the top of fall, thinking "well, it doesn't much look like a trail, but this must be it" and kept climbing up for awhile. i finally realized that no, this wasn't where i was supposed to be, and started carefully back down, sliding down on my ass at some points. i eventually got back down to the bottom of the falls in one piece, backtracked a bit, and found where i'd missed the rest of the trail, since i'd been so intent on seeing the waterfall. :]

all told, my little adventure was about 2.5 hours and 5.3 miles. other than being scared that i was going to sprain an ankle climbing back down the hill and have to hobble out on it, it was muchly fun... even if i ended up filthy. sliding down a steep hill on your ass in the mud will do that. :]

i need to go get lost in the woods more often. i need to remember to take water, next time.

and now i'm clean, and i'm going to go fix some food and read, because i'm starved...
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sleeepy joyce.

finished another book. went over to Red Robin with Adam and Heather and ate french fries. it's nearly time to go catch the bus over to the house to do my thing over there... i think it'll be nap time on the bus.

i've gone from insomniac to narcoleptic in the space of a day. i guess it's a good thing, as long as it doesn't go too far.
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how to feel alive, part 347...

... or, a lake, some youth, and some silliness.

tonight was girl's night at the house, but it was off site, so another volunteer and i were going to keep the house open for the guys. well, he wasn't feeling up to it, and the other volunteers that were supposed to help the activities coordinator with girls night bagged, so i got drafted for that and we closed up the house for the evening.

turned out girls night this week was going over to a beach on Lake Washington, going swimming, and checking out the chicks that Michal swore was going to be there. well, there weren't any chicks, save us. i wasn't going to go in, because i didn't have a suit, but i was wearing cargo shorts and a sports bra and a tshirt, so i lost the shirt and ended up going in the water.

so i've been in Lake Washington now. damn, that stuff's cold for the first five minutes.

it was fun. it was a lot of fun. we played football in the water for awhile, but it was a nerf ball and got to be heavier than the average concrete block, so we played with one of those frisbee ring things for awhile, until someone sent it out of catching distance and it sunk before we could get to it.

there was good conversation and some guitar playing and much giggling. and one of the volunteers gave me a ride home to save me from freezing my ass off on the way home on the bus.

the only down side to the evening was the guy who came out to the beach to swim in a speedo that was soooo not covering everything, leading to a lot of comments from the girls about "this is why i do not date guys." the goods weren't even all that attractive, either... Michal eventually asked him to put it away, and he left. thank goodness.

i need to start wearing my nametag around the house for a bit, as it seems most of the house had forgotten i was a volunteer. *giggles* "you're 25?" "yea..." "yo, i thought you were 18."

the wonderful Ginger is making us soup, so it's time to go get that...
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