June 15th, 2002


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- finishing Fight Club, which i started last night
- filling out of job apps
- meeting up with Ari for lunch (my word, that was good. spinach and goat cheese and mushroom and polenta wrap. mmm.)
- napping
- hanging out while the AT&T chicka hooked us up and getting the network to work
- having lots of dead, grilled animal for dinner
- running to Everett to say goodbye to Brynna
- laughing
- gaming. slow gaming, but nice. more role-play than i normal get. and i only fell asleep once, for about five minutes. :)
- more filling out of job apps. lots of muttering.

nice day, all told.

tommorow will be working on the todo list, dropping off said apps, and volunteering. i should resist the temptation to sit here and play (pet the network) and raid Ginger's mp3s, and get some sleep instead.
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