June 7th, 2002

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my dearest Seattle:

according to the calendar, it is June. you seem to labor under the idea that it is February. kindly straighten out your months, please.



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dinner eaten. now i need to get the rest of my crap out of my room and then figure out where to start cleaning.
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one of my towels - a fairly decent towel, not horribly nice, but still in pretty good shape - is bright, goddamn, fucking pink. it's a yellow towel.

bright, fucking pink.

you know, it's just a stupid towel. i shouldn't care; i have 80 of them. it's just a really fucking good example.
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woot. things are pretty well packed up. there will be some last minute running around tommorow, but that's ok.

i found a stack of CDs buried that i'd forgotten about, including Ben Folds Five... yay.

time to answer some email and get my ass to bed before i fall over.
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