May 12th, 2002


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ye gods, it's an absolutely fucking beatiful day out there. warm, sunny, gorgeous. *purr*

Ari and Charles are pretty much moved. there's a bit of stuff left, but nothing they can't get themselves this week.

i got sushi and Cold Stone for lunch. and i feel like i ought to be outside, since it's so nice, but i'm feeling lazy... maybe in a bit. :)
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it has been deemed that in GZ v2.0, there will be a collection of small stuffed animals in the living room, so that when we get annoyed at the movie we're watching, we can throw things at the TV.

me and Heather watched Bandits. cute, uber-cheesy in places, slow in the middle, but very nice ending that caught me completely by surprise (go fig. parts of The Princess Bride caught me by surprise, for $DEITY's sake.) the middle saw me screaming at the tv, "dammit! can't you people learn to share?!!"


and now, i walk down to the store for a can of tomatoes and maybe some sausage, so i can manufacture the chili i'm going to eat for lunch all week.
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it's a perfect night out there. it's warm, but not horribly so, and clear, and just nice. it was finally getting good and dark just as i was walking down to the store.

spring and summer in seattle make every day of going to work in the dark and the rain and coming home in the dark and the rain, all winter, completely worth it.