May 3rd, 2002

game night

food proposal: tacos? if that's agreeable to everyone, i can either stop on the way home from the movie, or we can run out after i get home.

if you don't want tacos, please be prepared to propose something else. :]
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i promise i'm not going to post as much as yesterday. :)

first of all, a glorius, wonderful, happy birthday to Chris. it's his fault that i'm in Seattle, and i will be forever grateful, because i am happier here than i've been anywhere else, and most of the people i know up here, i know because of Chris.

i finished P is for Peril last night. good for brain candy. :)

finally, today's question... how useful is your non-dominant hand? i can mouse easily with my left hand (and in fact, am doing so today, because my right wrist is killing me again) and can write readably but not well, and very slowly. anyone else?
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"you missed the kitchen sex part of the conversation."
"no, i caught that."
"and the bit about where the tacos came from?"
"yea, that's why we went and got Dick's."