April 28th, 2002

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so, we were talking about politics and stuff, and i get curious. i took the "world's smallest political quiz" and scored left-liberal, and some random party sorter thing, and score exactly even between the Liberterian party and the Green party. not knowing much about the Green party, i'm not quite so sure why this is so funny, but the pained look on Anjela's face was terribly amusing... :)

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drop drive into box. realize afterwards that they probably need to be set to master and slave, thanks to Heather. set the little one, that's getting red hat installed on it, to slave. start the install. tell it to check for bad blocks. realize that that's going to take forever. restart install. get through install. have RH bitch about lilo not being on the master drive. growl. reboot to Windows to check LJ.

bed soon. i'll pop out the drives, rejumper them, restart the RH install on the small one, before i do.

this is actually kind of fun; i haven't mucked with my computer in awhile. :)