April 6th, 2002

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last night's gaming was fun, including quotes like "we're looking for the dodge viper of camels." :] and i'm pretty sure i missed a hell of a dungeon crawl by being asleep.

i should probably stop delaying, get dressed, and get out of here.
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so, i'm realizing that despite having taken American history twice in high school, i have an appalling grasp on it. (round one was at my old high school, and i don't remember a damned thing from it. in fact, i had to think hard to verify that i did take it in 10th grade. round two was at NCSSM, with a fantastic teacher, but i didn't much care for history. i learned exactly what i needed to, kicked ass on my debates, wrote good essays, and got my grade. that was also the last time i took american history; the next year i took pre-1500 asian lit and history, and at state, i took lits (19th and 20th century russian lit) instead of history.)

that all being said... anyone have recommended reading for someone who's thinking about embarking on a self-study of american history 101?
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could you let down your hair
be transparent for awhile
just a little while
see if you're human after all
honesty is a hard attribute to find
when we all want to seem like
we've got it all figured out
i may be the first to say that i don't have a clue
i don't have all the answers
and god i pretend like i do
just trying to find my way
trying to find my way the best that i know how

sleep time.
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