March 20th, 2002

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- you've been at work too much when you hit 9 to get an outside line on your home phone. ("9-4-6-1-3-2-1 ... why the hell is it dialing already, i'm not done")
- i did something this morning that i hadn't done in awhile... sat up, turned off the alarm, and fell back asleep. i woke up about five minutes later with an "oh, shit". it's time to either start getting to bed earlier, move the alarm clock, or both.
- i was actually standing a reasonable chance of making it on time, anyhow, when i sliced my finger open. for future reference, slicing into your finger with the biggest knife that your roommate has creates a lot of blood.

so i realized that i was going to miss my bus, so i called work, so now i actually have a few extra minutes, which i really wish i could spend in bed, but that wouldn't be wise this morning.
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