March 6th, 2002


ok, for anyone who didn't get the joke this morning, today is the first time that i can recall wearing pants since the day before new year's eve. it might've happened once or twice since. it's been all about skirts, and shorts around the house.

... anyone who knew me growing up, upon being told that i'd worn skirts for two months solid, would probably faint from shock. $DEITY knows my mom almost did on the phone this weekend.
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the flu of doom is making its slow way through the office, and the pointer seems to be thinking about falling on me. i started feeling like crap mid-afternoon, and finally got told about three "you look like crap. go home and go to bed. please." so i just slept for the last almost three hours... Ginger is supposed to show up for food soonish, and maybe that'll help. and then more sleep. i hope it helps, i do not want to be sick right now.
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