February 19th, 2002

i am mood swing girl, hear me roar...

good things:

- i was reasonably good about my food intake today
- i walked 6.5 miles yesterday, and got out of the house
- i walked 4.5 miles today.
- library stop. cross-stitching books. *grin*
- work was good. i got shit done. i kicked ass.
- i get to spend two+ weeks at the end of may in the land of sweet tea, Bojangles, people who talk right, and most of all, people i haven't seen in far too long.
- roommates who are kick ass cooks and have dinner ready when i get home
- i don't have to be at work until 9 tommorow, instead of 8
- i'm currently inhaling the second harry potter book, finally :)
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dear folks who design bridesmaids dresses, and other women's clothing:

you must be the same crackheads who think that my 36/38C girls need padding. you're all in it together, aren't you? do you people not measure real women before you put together these damned size charts?

kiss. my. curvy. ass.


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i tried to climb your steps
i tried to chase you down
i tried to see how low i could get down to the ground
and i tried to earn my way
i tried to tame this mind
you better believe that i have
tried to be this

it's bedtime.
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