February 3rd, 2002

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happy joyce.

friday night, the lovely Grant and Anjela took me out to Issaquah to Krispy Kreme as a surprise. it was very much fun. and Anjela made me a hat. :) no more freezing my ears off going to the bus in the mornings...

yesterday, we ate too much food and sat around and watched movies. a quiet birthday, but a hell of a lot of fun. i saw Practical Magic for the first time, and parts of Men in Tights (when i wasn't falling asleep... there wasn't enough sleep in my world friday night) and Moulan Rouge and Conair (put in after i said that i needed to see something where lots of people blew up and there was no sappyness, to combat Moulan Rouge... Conair worked pretty well. it's only sappy at the end.)

there was a prepoderence of half naked men on my birthday cards that were from non-family this year. very, very nice. :) no half naked women, but that's what my computer desktop is for...

i got some neat stuff this weekend: the hat, really nifty candles, and a book, a teddy bear, a bottle of kahlua, a candy bar. however, the best stuff wasn't material: the trip to krispy kreme, cuddles and conversation, phone calls from Dan and my middle sister and Ari and my folks and the other sister, an hour-and-a-half long backrub (*smooches to ginger*), some very unexpected email that made me very happy, cleavage (more smooches to ginger), and lots of happy wishes from you guys. thank you to everyone who posted those yesterday. :)
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thanks to the niftyness and genourosity of Carl, i now have a really pretty little black snake on the inside of my right leg. thank you, love.

there hasn't been sleep in increments of more than four hours this weekend, so i'm too braindead to post anything else. it's time for dinner and to fall asleep in front of a movie.

(Hope, please, if you're still reading this, don't tell our mother about my latest adventure, or i will hear about it until i come home for y'all's graduations. i love you! :) )
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