February 1st, 2002

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i ended up passing out right after nine, after all, when i realized i was falling asleep on my book. after nine hours of sleep, i feel a lot better... go fig. :)
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lesson learned for the day: bounce, and people will wonder what you're up to. >:)

red bell peppers are much better than green.

it looks like i'm getting kidnapped tonight; should be fun.

i don't need to work completely ungodly hours today after all; i can bump a few to next week. happy joyce.

note to self: procure fat free salad dressing and bring it into work next week. also, get that damned haircut, since great clips is running a sale.

lunch break is almost over; i should finish eating and get back to work.
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add up timecard one more time. realize that i shorted myself on hours yesterday. look at calculator. realize i'm not as screwed on hours this week as i thought. happy leaps of joy! :)

i'm out of here. Grant and Anjela, i'll see y'all in a bit, ok? :)
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