January 3rd, 2002


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accomplished this morning:

- car shop called. i take it in this afternoon to get it looked at, and then take it back in on the 14th for them to actually start in on it.
- ex-emplorers called with new addresses for w-2s
- meds called in so i can pick them up this afternoon
- mother-ship called, and very pleased that i called her

still to do:

- shower
- balance checkbook
- actually take car to shop
- pick up meds
- go to bank
- clean room
- pay phone bill
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so, today, i got a job. *giggles*

well, it's only for a week and a bit, but it gives me some cash while the clinic decides if it can give me more hours.

chicken pot pie in the oven. clothes hangers obtained so i can start in on organizing my room.

life's good. :)
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