January 1st, 2002

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for Anjela: honey walnut prawns

last night kicked ass. they blew up the space needle. =] it was one of the more amazing fireworks shows i'd ever seen, and the closest i'd ever been allowed to fireworks. it felt like they were going to fall on top of us, but of course they didn't.

it was beautiful. and i had someone to watch with, and someone to kiss, and that was wonderful too.

otherwise, we didn't do much. saw A Beautiful Mind, which was lovely, and made me cry, and i'll post about on its own later tonight. made spaghetti. played Dead or Alive 2. this morning, Drew came and met me and Ari and Grant and Anjela for dim sum, and now he's on his way back to Portland, and we're going to spend the first day of the new year gaming.

life's good.
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