December 31st, 2001


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the last couple of days:

Friday, i realized my hand was killing me and that more data entry would be a bad idea. so i left work and came home, and two minutes after i get home, Ginger walks in. "What?! you're home?! come shoot pool with meandAdamandCarl."

hrm. well, ok.

so there was much pool and much girl-watching and a bit of beer (well, Corona) drinking at a not bad at all, if oddly decorated, bar out in Kirkland. much fun. we left when the really really really bad 70s cover band kicked in.

Saturday, i posted about.

yesterday, i woke up later than i meant to, though that ended up being a good thing, as i ran Alison to work. went into work myself, did a bunch of data entry, checked voice mail, had happy voice mail from Ari, got back to work, realized that if Drew's mom was taking off at 11, then this wasn't like the good old days when Drew was going to be getting to my house sometime between 10:30 and 11:20, and instead, he was probably leaving for the house right about... oh, shit. check voice mail at the house, where he had left a message stating that he was leaving seatac about three minutes previously. realized that with the way i drive and the way Drew drives, i needed to leave work right then. i did so. he still beat me home, but not by much.

Drew wanted beer. i don't drive if i'm drinking anything, period. he was driving his mom's car and thus, wasn't inclined to drive. we're both the type that'd rather walk than wait on the bus, a lot of times, so we walked into downtown from my house, went to the elephant and castle, had a drink, walked around down by the water, walked back up to Broadway and Pike to the QFC (frozen pizza and more beer for him, coke for me for rumandcoke), then walked back to my house. we looked at pictures from his trip for awhile, until i literally couldn't see straight anymore. from the looks of things, since he's still asleep, the bean bag chairs in the living room sleep well. :)

i don't know what's up for the rest of the day, so i'll say this now: happy new year, everyone. =]
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