December 22nd, 2001

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cards are turning out infinitely better than i expected. i'm pleased. i'm going to need more stamps, which'll mean braving the post office on christmas eve, meep.

of course, i'm also planning on braving the mall, the space needle, bed bath and beyond, and the liquor store monday, so...

yesterday was a long assed day. it started well, waking up with Ari, and turned chaotic for a bit, as we chased all over the mall looking for a hat for his sister's Hanukah present. i came into work, then ran errands, went home, made cookies for the girlies at work, played age of empires, and waited to hear back from Ari. i went to bed around two.

i woke up at five, to call him, to make sure he was up, and made a last minute unscheduled trip to Sea-Tac to get him out there, since the buses started a bit later than we thought they did. but i got to see him again before he left, so i didn't mind. :)

got back home around 7:30, fell over, woke up like 11:30 or so, and called the Mother Ship. one very incoherent phone call later, i realized that i wasn't awake enough to carry on a conversation and promised to call back on Christmas, which i was going to do anyhow. a shower, some lunch, and a frantic run around the house looking for clean clothes later (must. do. laundry) and here i am.

got stuff yesterday to start a project for my mommy. however, i have no idea how long it's going to take, so those of you who are related to me that read this, please don't say anything to her. :) however, i'm happy about it - hopefully it'll turn out well.
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