December 20th, 2001

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i don't normally post jokes and stuff, but this is pretty cute...

meantime, i worked 13 hours today, and got an unholy amount done. tommorow i work considerably less, and then i'm free for a free days (well, i'll have to go in a couple hours sunday night because i miss-added yesterday. no biggie.)

lord of the rings tommorow. woot.

i'm too tired to write anything coherent. time to collect the boy and sleep soon. :)

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heh. AOE on Ari's computer won't start for me, even from CD, and throws an error message. both conquerers and normal. which is odd, since everything else will bloody well start. *mutter, glare at Shitstorm*

*shrugs* i'll find something else to do.

LOTR was beautiful. holy wow. completely, totally beautiful. more later, when i'm awake enough to put together a coherent sentence. probably tommorow afternoon at work...
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