December 18th, 2001

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tonight was fun.

i got loved on by a cat when i got in. was nice. warm cat.

i'm exhausted, and i feel like hell. was feeling motion sick in the car. bah. i go to bed now, here's to hoping i sleep.

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so, i finally made it in to work this morning (i set the alarm at 7:30, and when it went off, i came to the realization that i'd actually slept well. so i turned it off and went back to sleep for awhile longer. :) ) i added up my hours, counting in this morning, for the pay period, added in my holiday pay for Christmas day, and blinked at the number. if i work a long day tommorow and get in at a reasonable time Thursday and work until it's time for LOTR, then i won't have to work friday night like i'd been planning. or saturday morning. or christmas eve or day.

i'm a happy girl. :)
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