December 17th, 2001

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i *heart* metro.

Itinerary #1

Walk 0.2 mile NE from 4900 150TH AVE NE to

Depart NE 51 ST & SR-520 (SB OFF RAMP) At 07:19 PM On Route 222 Bellevue
Arrive I-90 (WB ON RAMP) & RICHARDS ROAD At 07:56 PM
Walk 0.1 mile S to 3520 FACTORIA BLVD SE
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so the party last night was much fun, even if i think more of us were running off of sleep-dep than not. there was pizza, and conversation, and using Valor-the-kitty as entertainment.

Heather, you are not allowed to bring food to the next party; you've ended up providing half the food for the last two.

Keefy left us the baklava. *grin*

i'm a sleepy joyce. i'll be happy to get off of work tonight...