December 15th, 2001

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slow call center + SSX Tricky = happy joyce

one 10 hour day a bit over half done, 2 more to go. next week i flip over to holiday schedule - woot for sleeping in. (well, ok, so i'll be at the Clinic in the mornings. a girl can dream.) woot for closing. here's to hoping we won't be busy right up until closing.

i have done no holiday shopping, at all. i suck. people will probably be getting things late. except for family, i need to get my behind in gear on that. which means figuring out what they're getting; i only know what one sister is getting, which leaves three other people.

i didn't get enough sleep last night. i know i slept at some point, because when i woke up at two, Ari was still up and told me that Cliff had been and gone, without me hearing him. it sure doesn't feel like it, though. i went to bed at 11:30 like a good girl, geared up to get 7+ hours of sleep, but kept tossing and turning.

we watched Sleepy Hollow last night, finally. strange movie. good, but very strange.
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