December 14th, 2001

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saw ocean's 11 last night with Ari and Charles. it rocked. it makes me want to move to Vegas and knock over a casino, now. =]

yes, Ginger, sweetness, we still exist in the same universe, though i become increasingly convinced it's parallel planes of the same one... ;)

it took me until halfway though the movie last night to place Brad Pitt. pretty sad. you can giggle now. =)

i have an Ari in my bed, i'm freshly showered, i don't have to be at work til 2:30... life's good. i should get dressed and fix us some breakfast now, though.

holiday jobs...

most of the people i know are employed anyhow, but just in case... if anyone knows someone looking for a holiday job in the seattle/redmond/bellevue area:

Parker Services (the placement service we all work for) needs holiday reps for Nintendo, starting tuesday, working til the end of December or beginning of January. 8 to 5 next week, $10/hour, then you have to be able to work anytime between 4 am and 11 pm. 40 hours a week, weekends required, the day after Christmas required, but Christmas off. you'd be on the phones doing hookups calls. you'd prolly also get the shift differential of $11.70 an hour instead of 10, for weekend hours and anything before 7 am or after 7 pm.

if anyone knows someone interested, comment and i'll send you the person's phone number that you need to talk to; she's probably going to be working tommorow (Saturday) as well as Monday.