December 1st, 2001

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so far this morning:

two hookup calls from hell, two calls consisting of "i want a neeen-teeen-do" from sub three year old children, a lot of Canadians, one (thankfully, painless) Puerto Rican consumer service call, a Fed Ex repair setup, and a guy looking for codes who sounded like he was talking with a mouthful of pebbles.

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heh. i just got my first "are you mario?" call.

i'm bored. i don't feel like playing games, i don't feel like LJing, and i sure as hell don't feel like answering phones. bleh.

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520 + pissy rain + lots of very bad wind + lightweight car = unhappy joyce

on the plus side, the drivers around here actually got sensible for once, and we were all doing about 30 over the bridge...

ugh. tired. work time.
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