November 27th, 2001

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tired, feeling kind of cruddy, as in per normal lately. i think i might actually have overdone the sleep thing last night.

pulled a muscle in my back this morning, which means i'm moving very, very slowly today.

if i'd had the number to call in to Nintendo on me today, i probably would have. staying at Crisis Clinic and doing data entry (to which i'm headed back after this) sounded a lot more appealing that coming in and answering stupid questions from stupid people about Pokemon and whether the gamecube will cook your breakfast for you.

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i'm sorry, this is Nintendo, not Dominoes pizza. we can't have someone run a jumper pak over to your house tonight and have you pay for it there. it just doesn't work like that.

i also got a prank call from "Bob Marley." goddess, you'd think it was sunday around here (sunday being the day we normally get prank calls out the ass...)
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