November 14th, 2001

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once upon a time, when i was a student at state, i stayed up for 50 hours with two half hour or hour naps. man, i wish i could do stuff like that these days... it's pretty sad when it's only been a couple of years and my tolerance for lack of sleep has gone way down.

about quarter after one last night, Ari looked over at me, turned off the movie, and told me to go to bed. =] at 6:30, i got up, put it my contacts, realized i hurt, a lot, and wasn't going into job number one this morning. got my car, moved it out of the metered spot it was in before i got a ticket, put it in another metered spot closer to Ari's place, fed the meter, went inside, and crawled back into bed with him. i'm still tired, but not nearly as bad.

this city needs parking meters that you can prefeed the night before to avoid the whole moving car around at 6:30 in the morning thing. =]
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