November 9th, 2001

it's a groundzero thanksgiving...

ok, folks, Thanksgiving is two weeks from yesterday. us groundzero girlies need a head count of who to expect. you are welcome to come if you don't rsvp, however, we're planning on providing the main dish, so we need an idea of how much food to make.

right now we're planning on providing a [main meat product, probably ham] and a lasagna. i'm also planning on making some mulled wine, though other than that, it's BYOB. (sorry, folks, mass quantities of alcohol are expensive.) we don't have a time yet, either - it depends on what people want. however, we have a tv and vcr, we have net connectivity and computers and some board games and lots of space, so no matter when food happens, people are welcome to come over to visit earlier.

so, what we need from you: how many bodies are coming in your party, what side dishes you are contributing to the cause, and whether lunch, dinner, or somewhere in between would be better for you.

also, girlies: i was wondering if anyone minded if i invited a couple of friends from work and their husbands, since i don't think either have family in the area. i don't know if the one couple will even come, since i -think- Ramadan will have started by then and they won't be eating. if it's a problem, i won't, which is why i'm asking first.

also, anyhow who's not in Seattle but feels like chasing over is welcome, just give us some warning. =]

directions will be posted at a later date.