October 25th, 2001

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... and for my next trick, i'll lock myself out of my Honda. which takes talent.

wait. already did that tonight.

god, what a crappy night. mad props to Carl and Ginger for coming to rescue me. my spare set of car keys is in my glove compartment. go me.

i'm getting my ass to bed so i can get up early and get back to work where my car is and call up Progressive and beat it into their thick skulls that i really do have roadside assistance (customer service says i do, the roadside folks say i don't, i wasn't in the mood for a conference call tonight so i could get into my damn car.) this weekend i'm making at least three copies of my car keys and distributing them.

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schedule happiness:

nintendo, starting somewhere around 11/15:

Saturday - 800 to 1900
Sunday - 700 to 1700
Monday - 800 to 1900
Tuesday - 1330 to 1830
wednesday/Thursday - off
Friday - 1330 to 1830

i'm a happy girl. i'll prolly to 800 to 1300 Tuesday-Friday at the Clinic. i'll get my hours and my evenings.. woot.