October 14th, 2001

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Valor has been the Uber-protective kitty today. he's fine as long as i'm not paying attention to anyone that's not him, including the phone. like right now, he's curled up underneath my chair. he's been perched at my feet all morning while i was doing dishes. it's really cute, but not so much when he kept drawing blood when i was on the phone. ouch.

i've been domestic joyce all morning. my room is still a disaster, though.

oh, and i called Geico to get a quote on my insurance. teehee. for those of you who know what i pay for insurance, Geico wanted about $650 -more- for the 6 months than Progressive.
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hard to say what it is i see in you
wonder if i'll always be with you

i've always liked this song... =)

i have sonic blue fingernails now. and i'm being reminded of why i never bother to paint my nails - i always get impatient and smudge them somehow before they're dry.

upon closer examination of my insurance paperwork, (luckily, right before i gave them money) it would appear that they wrote my policy for CA instead of WA. grrr. i need to call them tommorow.

i have to be up gawdawful early in the morning, so i should get to bed...
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