September 23rd, 2001

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so, weekend:

- Friday night: went and saw The Muskateer with Ari. ignore the reviews and go see it, it was good and a hell of a lot of fun.
- Saturday: Pullayup fair with Grant and Anjela. then lots of DND. lots of it. our characters are currently sitting in limbo outside of a underground temple, trying to figure out how the hell they're going to extricate one really bad ass mage and lead him to his death, whilst keeping his brother from following us. i swear, i'm going to call home and tell my mom "guess what! i got to investigate a murder this weekend" just to see what she says. =]
- today: helped set up for the Knit Out in Redmond. finally got to to go the Kirkland Pancake house, mmm. started learning to knit, which i think i like better than crocheting.

tired joyce. and i need to remember to call my mom tommorow or sometime soon; i would now, but it's one a.m. there...
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