September 17th, 2001

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so i set an alarm this morning, woke up, called in, crashed out again. got up, took a hot bath because i was freezing, and crashed again. i've been alternating between freezing and sweating all morning, yay fun.

i should go figure out something to cook that will sit on my stomach. i have a phone interview at three, you see, and thus feeling something approaching human would be a good thing...

i'm also tired of my bed. i'm thinking about hauling the blankets out the living room and curling up on the floor for a bit.
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so, all of Capitol Hill that was paying attention tonight got treated to me running down the sidewalk screaming "Minnie, you fucking whore" chasing the damn cat. i hope they were suitably entertained. =] she's actually been a very well behaved cat since she moved in, other than this tendancy to want to go outside...

i'm starting to feel human again. woot. i'm probably going to work tommorow. i'm busing, though - i doubt i'll feel like wielding a motor vehicle in the morning, even if it is only a few miles.

time to injest some nyquil and find my bed.