September 12th, 2001

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[joyce@mogwai joyce]$ ls
bash: /bin/ls: Permission denied
[joyce@mogwai joyce]$ su
[root@mogwai joyce]# ls -al /bin/ls
-rwx------ 1 root lp 43740 Sep 11 16:05 /bin/ls

ok, those who have been using my computer... please, please, please don't startx as root. use your account and fire up kppp; you can then feed it root's password and dial in. bad things tend to happen when root is logged in like that.

thank you. =]


i'm home sickish. chills and sick stomach all day, and i finally gave up about quarter after two. came home, napped a bit, decided that my stomach had settled down to the point that i could eat something, and did so. feeling better. might sleep again some more soon.


Digex is hiring for a technical account manager of customer services.
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musical associations are powerful things. this song throws me back to santa cruz and the beach and riding around in the back seat of gabe's car one night with him and tim, a night where everything seemed perfect. it's a memory that makes me smile and breaks my heart, all at once.
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