September 8th, 2001

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good things about being on I-90 at 2 in the morning: no traffic. =]

i'd been feeling like crap after a couple hours of packing (it seems that everyone has that damned cold) and was about to leave, when Kieth and Heather pulled back up with the uhaul from running load one to the storage unit. turned out that they only had it until seven tommorow (well, today. Saturday) morning. started feeling guilty, and decided to stay for awhile longer. i ended up feeling a lot better once i got up and moving some more, and so stayed longer than i'd meant to. however, they're about half moved, which is a good thing.

i should go to sleep, for round II is going to be coming up here in a few hours...
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whee. i'm tired.

we finally got most all of C2's, Heather's, and Adam's stuff out. we got food and ice cream. i went back by Mercer on my way home to see if C1 and Steve needed more help, but... no one home. so now i'm home, and dead fucking tired. i'm going to check email and call my sweetie, and go to bed.